Unboxing 40 Purrfect Pics Of Cats Posing In Boxes

Happy Tuesday cat lovers! And happy July 4th. We hope today is the cats meow – spent with family, food, and of course tons of fur babies. 

Over here at the ICanHas headquarters, we all agree on the fact that cats are gifts. Our feline friends fill our days with paw-sitive energy, hisst-erical cat-itude and meow-gnificent entertainment. In a more literal sense though, they are often found posing as gifts, sitting in boxes of all shapes and sizes. 

To celebrate the gift that is cats, a Reddit thread asked cat lovers to show off their cats in boxes. And cat owners did not hesitate to join in on the fun in an epic display of ‘I fits so I sits‘. Amazon boxes, tissue boxes, Bud Light boxes, you name it. If your cat thinks they can fit, they will indeed sit. So without further ado, we present to the gift of 40 paw-sitively adorable cats posing in boxes

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Ah Yeah, Another `I Gonna Save it For Later` Again

TFW no cyborg GF