Update: Parents Told Her It Was ‘Animal Ab*se’ To Move Abroad With Her Cat, Now She’s Living Happily Ever After With Content Kitty In New City (Pictures & Heartwarming Comments)

We covered this story a few months ago – the story was about a woman who was moving internationally, from Europe to Canada, and wanted to take her cat with her. Obviously, she was nervous about taking her cat on a 15-hour international flight. Her family told her it was animal abuse, and she would have to re-home her cat. She went to Reddit and asked for advice, and they said to bring the cat. She can handle it!

And guess what? Handle it, she did. Some cats love to explore, and her cat, Pistachio, actually did really well on this experience! Now they’re living happily ever after in their new home, and they’ve proved her family wrong. We love a good heartwarming cat story, especially one that proves people wrong. Scroll down for some pawsitive justice, and you can bask in a bit of the glory of this successful cat owner. We’re so glad she didn’t have to re-home her loving Pistachio!

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