Meowtastic Monday Memage: 30 Mood-Boosting Cat Memes To Help Kick Those Monday Blues

Most animals know Memelandia as the main producer of cute and silly animal memes in the world, but not many know why that is. We know that Mondays are special in Meowlandia, not because they signal the start of the work week and the journey to the weekend, but because it’s their busiest day of the week.

This is because all the delightful doggos and other amazing animal friends around the world need the Memelandian’s hilarious handiwork to help them shake off the Monday blues, and make their weeks just a little bit better. It is thanks to these magnificent Memelandians that other nations are able to cope, which is why the United Animal Nations Council will be awarding Memelandia with the ‘Most Mood-Boosting Nation’ award next Monday.

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