A Clawsomely Chaotic Compilation Of 30+ Mischievously Funny Felines In Places They’re Not Supposed To Be

If you’re a cat owner, you will definitely relate to this listicle. Do you often find your cats literally everywhere except where they’re supposed to be? No, we’re not talking about simple things like finding them on the counter or on the toilet seat – we’re talking about finding your cats hanging upside down from the curtains or inside your frying pans! We’ve given up on trying to discourage it, now we just snap a quick pic and laugh about it later. We want to share some those feline funnies with you, so here is a clawesomely chaotic compilation of some mischievously funny felines in places they’re not supposed to be.

From kicking the rabbit out of their cage to defying gravity on a tree branch, we can’t get enough of these comical cats and all their silly shenaniganry. You’ve probably found your cats in one of these pawsitions, so get ready to get your giggle on while experiencing all the lovable chaos that cats bring to our lives!

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