Chaotic Memes Fresh From Friday Family Feline Dinner

There are many among us who will be attending some sort of family Friday dinner this evening and if there is one thing in common with any family gathering amongst almost all peoples and animals, is that there will be chaos. And you deserve to mentally prepare yourself for the coming of the chaos, and what better way to do that than with a collection of chaotic memes fresh from the felines’ Friday family dinner. While they do eat their dinner early (because they have hoomans who will feed them later), they are most certainly chaotic.

From the most accurate Gordon Ramsay x Cat crossover that has graced the internet, to a frighteningly accurate depiction of how that one sibling always arrives, to a reminder of how some of the younger siblings in the household act up during these events, to those awkwardly posed photographic moments of the whole evening. We have got your back and are going to get you prepped to handle the maelstrom.

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RIP Dillon.

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