Person Who Rescued Two Cats From A ‘Cruel Woman’ Is Adorably Confused By One Of Them Suddenly Showing Him Attention

After being a cat owner for a while, you get really attuned to your cat’s routine. You know, more or less, when your cat needs to be fed, where it goes to sleep during different times of the day, how often it drinks. You know how to read your cat’s body language – you know when your cat wants to want cuddle, when your cat wants to play, when your cat needs purrsonal space… little things. You get used used to them. And any change in routine is something you take note of, because change in routine is a sign… It’s just a question of: a sign of what?

Now, the person in this thread got so used to their cat’s routine – and that routine including very few outward displays of affection, that when their cat started showing them love… this person was completely bamboozled by it. And yes, it’s absolutely adorable.   

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Sadly, sometimes dreams are not becoming true.

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