27 Majestic White Cats Purroudly Sporting Their Feline Charm and Regal Cattitude

Back in my college days, I worked as a waitress at this popular gastropub that was always packed in the summer. With live entertainment on the patio, it was the place to be when the weather was nice. But amidst all the hustle and bustle, there was a charmingly unconventional part of our team – the dumpster kitties.

These feral cats had made the back area by the dumpsters their territory, scavenging for any tasty morsels they could find. Among them, there was one cat who stood out – a majestic white feline, clearly the leader amidst the crew.

While the others stayed back, content with their dumpster delicacies, this bold white cat wasn’t afraid to make her presence known. On those sunny days when the patio was packed, she’d strut her stuff, gracefully walking along the iron fence, as if putting on a regal performance just for the customers.

None of us couldn’t resist her charm. Despite the rules, we’d often let her linger a little longer, soaking up the attention and occasional treat from adoring patrons. Though I haven’t worked there in quite a while, I imagine she’s still the patio celebrity, living it up with all of the best gourmet food a stray could imagine. 

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