Funny And Facetious Feline Memes For Your Furry Mood Booster

Sunday has this irony built into it, which unfortunately none of us can avoid. It is the irony that we are experiencing the freedom of the weekend with all its wonders and fun activities. However, we are also fully aware of the fact that tomorrow we are going to be subjected to all the stresses and surprises of the work week, which is no fun for anyone. So to help you keep your mind focused on the good times that this weekend has left to give, we have made today’s collection of funny and facetious feline memes for your furry mood booster.

From the cat who does not care what day of the week it is and wakes up and chooses violence daily, to the sweet cat who’s grandpawrent fixes its favorite toy every time it destroys it, to the demanding kitty who will not let its pawrent teach his class unless he is carried like a prince, to the cat who is sure it is a higher power and wakes its hooman up between 2-4am to deliver its godly message. These hilarious feline memes are your ticket to a worry free Sunday.

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