37 Hissterical Tweets About Fluffy Felines That Are Pure Catnip for the Hooman Soul

Named after the enigmatic character from ‘Star Trek’, my cat Spock is anything by rational when it comes to his appetite.

With his vibrant orange fur and chaotic demeanor, he’s the epitome of an orange cat. He likes to laze around the house, demanding attention in his own funny way. I began to worry about him these past few weeks because it seemed as though he was a bit bloated… His tummy was expanding, and it was protruding more prominently with each passing day. Worried, I took him to the vet, anxiety gnawing at me… He seemed okay, but you can never be too safe.

Turns out, he’s just fat. His fluffy belly is the result of eating too much food. Spock was anything but embarrassed, but I was told by the vet to put him on a strict diet. So, no more treats for Spock! At least, not for now. Cats, am I right? Check out fellow cat owner’s experiences below.

Then, check out these hissterical cats doing things that only fluffy felines would be capable of doing.

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