Mood Boosting Cat Tweets To Add Some Sweet To Your Spicy

With the working week in full flow, you have likely started to fill up from the inside with spicy energy from the frustration of compact commutes, mindless meetings and dreadful deadlines. Which is why we wanted to give you a little pick me up to ease some of the heartburn that all of that spicy energy. So sit back, relax and enjoy these mood boosting cat tweets to add some sweet to your spicy.

From the sweet cat playing with his hamster brother and their favorite toy, to the toothless cat Sesha, who has a whole new look since her unfortunate surgery, to precious baby Willow practicing her ‘If I fits’ pose, to Roxy the facetious feline who sits and waits by her pawrent’s bedside light, just to scare her when she turns it on in the dark, to the confused kitty who jumped in the dryer and looked at his pawrent as though to say ‘how do you start this ride hooman?’. These uplifting cat tweets are the pawfect remedy to the terrible Tuesdays.

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