Wholesome Cat Dad Spends $16k To Save His Cat ‘Rooster’ From Cancer, Resulting In A Heartwarming Tale Of Survival And Purrserverance

Hey, I Can Has-ers, we have a sad story with a happy ending for you today. As pet owners, we all accept the pawssibility that our pets will get sick, and we will have to make some hard decisions. However, not all of these stories have sad endings, and the ones that don’t inspire us to go home and hug our fur babies for an extra twenty minutes (that’s 15 minutes longer than they would like). Today’s heartwarming cat story is about Rooster, a cat with loving father who spent around $16k to help him fight cancer.

Chemotherapy is expensive, even for cats. Rooster went through six months of chemotherapy, but at the end, he survived and emerged stronger and cuter than ever! We’re proud of Rooster for getting through this difficult time, and we wish him many more years of happiness in the arms of his cute cat dad!

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